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The Generation Game: Three Generations of Supplier Management

By Sarah Kingdom-Evans

Whilst recently attending a CPO procurement event, I took a look at the attendees, reviewed the event agenda and direction of discussion… yes the agenda promised to look at a myriad of topics such as Procurement Transformation, Analytics, Stakeholder Engagement, P2P, Driving Excellence, Risk, How tech is shaping […]

The Five SRM Killers

By David Atkinson

Barely a week goes by without yet another story in the press of failures of suppliers to provide goods and services to a standard set out in the contract. We also hear of supermarkets, defence contractors, building firms, public sector purchasers who fall below the standard of expected […]

Benefits of a Modern Source to Pay Solution

Many organisations still use outdated platforms that slow down the entire procurement process. These platforms usually run on third-party software and tend to be quite limited.

While these outdated platforms may be good at managing transactions, they can also be very restricted as well as complicated to use. Additionally, they don’t […]

Is Source to Pay an Option for Your Procurement Organisation?

In the past, finding good suppliers, while keeping costs at minimum, was difficult because of the lack of information which made procurement negotiations between organisations and suppliers one-sided.

A lack of access to a large market of suppliers also contributed to the issue. Source to Pay platforms changed the game. They […]

The Call for In-Year Savings

By Guy Allen

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, as we approach the middle of the year our thoughts start to turn to summer, all those great events we can enjoy in the glorious sunshine. It is also often the time of year when we get a call […]

Customer Spotlight: University of Bristol – From Postbox to Productive Procurement

Anj Cooke, Head of Procurement at the University of Bristol, implemented BravoAdvantage at the beginning of 2016. We asked Paul Halsall, one of the Procurement Managers, to share the teams’ experiences prior to using an eSourcing tool and throughout the implementation and adoption phases. Paul also talks about the direction […]

Digital extinction: Will your procurement thrive in the era of real-time supply chains?

By Dr Robert Handfield

We are at the beginning of a completely different era in the history of global trade: the era of the digitized real-time supply chain. In the 25 years I have been teaching students and conducting research in the field of supply chain management, I have never seen […]

Test drive your way through a POC

Greg Goelkel, Solution Consultant

Purchasing new technology, an already complex process, is exacerbated by the thousands of offerings currently on the market. To overcome this challenge, many organizations execute a proof of concept (POC) during the purchasing evaluation. A POC tests how the technology in consideration integrates with an existing environment. The process […]

Confessions of a bid manager: 8 tips for more effective bid-writing

We get to see a lot of bids within BravoSolution, not only in our work supporting buyers, but also as bidders – competing for business with potential new customers in both public and private sectors.

The vast majority of formal bid processes that we take part in are reassuringly well-planned and […]

The Time Has Come To Embrace Sourcing Optimisation

Sourcing as a process sits right at the heart of procurement strategy, activity, and success. Taking a requirement to the market, choosing the right supplier or suppliers, and putting an appropriate contract in place is arguably the central element of what we generally call “procurement”.

Technology has played a role in […]