Improve Efficiency, Increase Productivity & Lower Total Cost

BravoAdvantage™ Sourcing enables you to work collaboratively to build, issue and evaluate sourcing events via a secure online solution. From sourcing the simplest products to complex categories, BravoAdvantage Sourcing streamlines the way you do business, and lowers costs on both sides of the supply relationship.

BravoAdvantage Sourcing is a powerful end-to-end procurement management system that provides a secure, compliant sourcing solution for organisations like yours around the globe. Key features include:

  • Demand Collection: Supports aggregation of user requirements through request and requirement definition processes
  • Collaboration: Allows teams to work together in a structured way to build out sourcing events
  • Opportunity Advertising: Provides a fast and easy way to promote available opportunities to suppliers
  • RFx Management: Gives you the ability to manage the full end-to-end RFx process, from initial expression of interest to final award
  • Auction Management: Delivers robust auction capabilities to help drive additional value
  • Workflow: Enables each procurement phase to be held together by customer-defined processes

With BravoAdvantage Sourcing’s unique blend of features, you are able to improve efficiency, increase productivity and ensure auditability, while simultaneously lowering the cost of doing business for both your organisation and your suppliers.

Process optimisation can lead to purchasing cost reductions of 2-5%. Let BravoSolution help you streamline your procurement process to achieve the business outcomes you require. Learn more here.

Extend Sourcing to Maximise Complex Bidding Opportunities

BravoAdvantage SourcingPlus enables you to leverage advanced analytical capabilities by providing a much larger set of supplier data to be compared in a repeatable way, so you can easily manage the many variables of your high profile categories. BravoAdvantage SourcingPlus is used by organisations like yours with high-spend, strategic categories that have complex requirements involving a large number of stakeholders.

With BravoAdvantage SourcingPlus:

  • Increase the number of quality bids
  • Improve award decisions and financial performance
  • Gain visibility to fact-based choices via transparency of costs associated with each choice
  • Leverage the category-specific RFX tool to quickly launch customised sourcing events with built-in, category-specific dynamic pricing structures
  • Link disparate data sources and foster communication with customisable, easy-to-read ad hoc reports
  • Harness the analytical power of optimisation as part of a complete, end-to-end supply management solution

BravoAdvantage SourcingPlus, a combination of technology and supply chain expertise, will provide your sourcing team the visibility and flexibility needed to make informed choices based on the best allocations of your business, while balancing suppliers’ pricing and capabilities with your business constraints and preferences. The result is optimised award allocations that meet business requirements and maximise suppliers’ capabilities.


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