August 2017

CPG Manufacturer Achieves 5 to 10% Savings Across Multinational Organization

After a major reorganization, this CPG manufacturer and Fortune 500 company recognized that further drastic changes were required to better manage spend and drive purchasing efficiencies.

This company, like so many other massive, publicly-held multinational organizations, relied exclusively on manual systems and Excel spreadsheets, which resulted in a significant lack of accurate, real-time consistent data, office […]

Scottish Councils

South Ayrshire Council (SAC) and East Ayrshire Council (EAC) are two local authorities lying in the southwestern corner of Scotland. Each operates a centralised procurement function, responsible for supervising the strategic spend of up to £150 million annually on a wide range of goods, services and works, to deliver best value to the local community. […]

June 2017

Finding Hidden In-Year Savings

Most procurement plans establish targets to be delivered over a number of years, and indeed most of the effort in the current year will not achieve maximum returns until future years Procurement. But there is still a target to deliver this year, and due to unforeseen circumstances you many need find benefits that will count […]

Agfa Gevaert N.V.

Agfa-Gevaert NV is a Belgian multinational corporation that develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of analogue and digital imaging products, systems and IT solutions.

In 2011, the CEO and Executive Management announced a company-wide improvement programme, which identified ‘Efficiency in Purchasing’ as one of the key work streams. In 2012, Agfa Purchasing as a Global […]

The Digital Procurement Era

As organisations move to an environment characterized by cloud computing, the Internet of things, distributed computing, and mobile applications, it will be important to understand where and how these technologies can create value and support procurement decision-making.

Sourcing Optimisation- Understanding the Process and the Benefits

More and more companies are using sourcing optimisation approaches and software, with considerable success. As computing power increases, the possibilities for using the process are also growing, and the results can be startling (and very positive). This webinar will give an overview of optimisation, how it works, and the key factors to consider if you […]

Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Analysis

This webinar will explore the types of problems and questions faced by procurement executives that can benefit most through the application of analytical solutions (e.g. innovation, strategic cost management, risk mitigation, etc.). In addition, we will cover the different forms of cognitive solutions that are emerging to drive real-time decision-making and predictive sourcing capabilities.

Achieving Strategic Alignment for Procurement With the Board…in just 3 pages

This webinar dealt with the myth that setting procurement strategy aligned with board goals is extremely complicated and only achievable by the planet’s smartest minds. Craig Lardner FCIPS explains how we have too long held the view that we are mere mortals and that the ability to create a strategy is beyond us — not.

Is An Integrated Source to Pay Solution Right for You?

In this on-demand webinar, procurement expert Peter Smith,  explains exactly what is meant by ‘Source to Pay’ software and looks at why it is gaining more traction in the industry. He also discusses how it compares to other approaches  (particularly “best of breed” strategies) as well as assessing the options for implementation.

Leveraging Supplier Innovation

To fully exploit and create an analytics culture will require an approach that leverages third party solutions. Most innovation is driven today by small to medium sized organizations. To be fully able to drive innovation, procurement must serve as a key component in driving this change.

In this on-demand webinar, Dr Robert Hanfield looks at how […]