January 2017

2017 Real World Procurement Series

Now entering its sixth year, the Real World Procurement Series is designed to provide procurement professionals with essential insights into procurement practices – the people skills, process efficiencies and empowering technologies needed to drive a successful procurement function.

December 2016

Proving your Procurement Value

All the core processes and enablers including sourcing, transactional management, supplier management, people and tools don’t help the procurement function if the rest of the organisation is not convinced that procurement is truly adding value!

In this session, procurement expert, Peter Smith, looks at how procurement can forecast, track, communicate and realise the benefits and value that […]

November 2016

Nurturing Procurement Talent in the Millennial Era

There is a shortage of talent in the procurement profession.  So what can procurement executives do about this? Simply poaching staff from other organisations is not a sustainable solution for the profession as a whole.

So what can we practically do to attract the best people, motivate, retain and nurture them to become the “stars” and […]

October 2016

Next Generation Supplier Management

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) has been a hot topic for some years now, but technology is changing supplier management just as it is other areas of the procurement lifecycle. In this on-demand webinar, procurement expert, Peter Smith, looked at the latest thinking in the whole area of supplier management – so not just the SRM […]

June 2016

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Source-to-Pay Implementation

Source-to-Pay implementation can be a daunting project and one that’s riddled with pitfalls and challenges. You have to understand the jargon, meet tight project deadlines and manage the interest of multiple stakeholders – and all whilst bringing the whole project in on budget. However, when done properly, a successful implementation can land you and your team respect […]

May 2016

Spend Analytics: How to Get More and Unlock Sustainable Cost Savings

Look at how to drive value with Spend Analysis and how it can provide the procurement intelligence needed to manage spend for driving significant savings, lowering costs and improving organisational efficiencies.

During this webinar, our resident BravoSolution procurement experts offer advice on the best practices for leveraging a Spend Analysis solution. They discuss how implementing the right […]

April 2016

Driving Value from your Sourcing Process

Sourcing sits at the heart of procurement, so in order to get the most from your procurement, you have to ensure you’re driving value from your sourcing process. Central to that is using the tools and techniques at your disposal to encourage and maintain as competitive a process as possible to find the best potential suppliers and secure the best […]

March 2016

The Universe of Modern Procurement

The procurement profession has moved on in recent years, as have many other specialist disciplines. The terms ‘strategic sourcing’ and ‘organisational alignment’ are frequently misapplied and bandied about to stay ‘on message’. A few well-chosen questions can reveal whether their usage holds any substance.

It’s time for clarity.

In this webinar, we explored the new Universe of Modern Procurement […]

Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation


Have you ever considered putting suppliers at the centre of your organisation? Given that suppliers can be excellent sources of value in terms of innovation and competitive advantage, maybe it’s time you did!

January 2016

Putting Strategy into Action: A Roadmap for Procurement in 2016


As a procurement professional, defining strategies and turning them into action plans come with the territory. But all too often, translating strategy into actionable plans can get lost in translation. […]