December 2015

The Role of Procurement in Delivering Improved Company Valuation

Improving an organisation’s procurement brings benefits far beyond saving money or raising quality standards. It can dramatically improve the valuation of the organisation as a whole.

At a time when many companies are facing tough times, procurement is becoming recognised as an essential component of corporate strategy for leading organisations. It is well understood by CEOs […]

Our Only Security is Our Ability to Change

Change can be daunting; it’s riddled with risk and challenges. Yet, it is our ability to change and innovate that offers our only security to grow and survive within a competitive market.

In this white paper we examine the importance of change in procurement and offer 10 best practices for managing change across the supply chain, […]

New Approaches to Procurement Negotiation

By Peter Smith, Spend Matters UK

“Factors such as priming, anchoring and risk attitudes can play a serious role in how we behave in negotiations. Understanding these and other biases, fallacies and illogicalities can help us make sure that a clever negotiation opponent does not take advantage of us; and can help us use techniques appropriately […]

The 9 Habits of Highly Effective Procurement Organisations

By Mickey North Rizza, VP at BravoSolution

There’s a well-kept secret fueling the profitability and growth of the world’s most successful companies, and it exists within your company, too. It’s the Procurement team. However, the Procurement teams at companies like Colgate-Palmolive, Intel and Nestle do not resemble a typical Procurement department. So what sets them apart […]

A Guide to Implementing a Contract Lifecycle Management System

If you’re looking for a way to save money, managing your contracts effectively is an excellent place to start. According to the Aberdeen Group, ineffective control of contract management costs businesses 136 billion euros per year in missed savings opportunities. Obviously, a great way to get on top of your contracts is by implementing a Contract Lifecycle […]

Three Occasions When Procurement Should Spend More

Procurement and senior executives who manage procurement are often overly fixated on savings and unit cost reduction. This is not only short sighted; it can drive perverse outcomes and does not begin to exploit the value that procurement can bring.

A corollary is that it will be appropriate at times to spend more money buying particular […]

Building a Business Case for Contract Management – Part Three: Improved Risk Management

This is the third and final paper in this series, looking at how executives can make a compelling business case for investment to improve contract management performance in their organisations. The first paper introduced the key concepts of contract management, particularly the idea that it should focus on managing opportunities and risks. If a contract […]

Building a Business Case for Contract Management – Part Two: Identifying Opportunities

This is the second paper in a series of three looking at how executives can make a compelling business case for investment to improve contract management performance in their organisations.

The first paper (get it here) covered an overview of contract management, why it is important for organisations generally and procurement functions specifically, and introduced the concept that […]

Building a Business Case for Contract Management – Part One: Making the Business Case for Investment

“If we’re not prepared to take on the ownership of Contract Management across our organisations, who else do we think has the desire and the skills to do that?”

This paper is the first in a short series of three which will look at the business case for organisations to invest in Contract Management resource, tools […]

Supercharging Category Management: Free Yourself from Siloed Sourcing to Unlock Breakthrough Value

By Spend Matters UK & BravoSolution

In a world where procurement organisations are continuously tasked to do more with less, we’ll take you way beyond the 2×2 matrix and to a place where cross-functional, multidimensional category management goes way beyond cost savings. And we’ll tell you how technology fits every step of the way, with case studies […]