Cancer Research UK, the UK’s foremost independent charity dedicated to cancer, approached BravoSolution with a considerable challenge – to execute a change management programme and ensure rapid implementation of a full-suite, sourcing and contracting system from scratch. Partnering with BravoSolution’s experts, they were able to go live hitting all targets, on time and on budget.

Up until two years ago, like many not-for-profit organisations, Cancer Research UK’s procurement practice was almost entirely manual and therefore time-consuming. David Lyon, the then recently appointed Head of Procurement, had experience of a very different kind of procurement model. Coming from a private-sector background and with extensive knowledge of global sourcing and supply chain management, he could see just how much a strategic procurement approach would benefit the organisation, securing greater savings and freeing up valuable resources. Underpinning this was David’s strategic vision of where he wanted procurement to be, and that was to move away from transactional activities and into a role of procurement custodianship and consultation for the business.


“[The implementation] passed our expectations. The BravoSolution team knew the system inside-out, and quickly got to understand our needs. We were really impressed at the speed of implementation: in a short space of time, literally two weeks, we had scoped the system from start to finish…BravoSolution trained our core team, and we went from zero to full implementation in 90 days – we were amazed.”

– David Lyon, Head of Procurement, Cancer Research UK


With financial support coming almost entirely from the public and major donors, Cancer Research UK’s procurement team has a duty to ensure that all purchasing-related activity, and the processes behind it, are as streamlined and efficient as possible to ensure these funds are used to gain the greatest benefit possible for the organisation and the people who rely
on it.


“Using the full system suite has made possible what wasn’t before. Creating RFPs using spreadsheets, for example, was a painful process. There might be 50 questions, and suppliers would pick and choose which to answer; this resulted in too many inconsistencies. Using BravoSolution, we have learnt that economy drives better results – the system is flexible and puts you in charge, so you can slim down to just what you need. You get better compliance with fewer questions, driving consistency and giving you more useful data.”

– David Lyon, Head of Procurement, Cancer Research UK


With the BravoAdvantage platform in place, there is now consistency to Cancer Research UK’s procurement process. In terms of tendering, the system has completely transformed the process, it is no longer dependent on whether one contract manager is good at it, and another not. They now use eAuctions, where the suppliers are already listed, the specifications are in the system, and the responses too. In addition, supplier and contract performance management have for the first time given Cancer Research UK transparency of all activity metrics around a portfolio, meaning that they can use scorecards to manage suppliers, and RFIs to record responses, helping to ensure compliance.


Download the full case study to see how BravoSolution are helping the UK’s largest cancer research charity deliver their strategic vision for procurement.