Crossrail is one of the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the UK and is currently the largest construction project in Europe.

The numbers involved are testimony to its size and complexity:

  • 10,000 people working across 40 sites
  • A route running over 100km
  • 42km of new twin-bore tunnels requiring 250,000 tunnel segments of precast concrete.

This mammoth £14.8 billion-spend project must ensure that all goods and services are sourced efficiently, fairly and cost effectively.  From the very beginning the BravoSolution and Crossrail implementation teams were faced with tough challenges: one of the key activities facing procurement is to ensure delivery on time, on budget and to relevant quality standards all within a highly regulated and sensitive environment demanding open and transparent processes.

Such a tall order called for a procurement system that was equally world-class and flexible, yet robust enough to handle the hundreds of inter-dependent sourcing projects and sub-projects that must be managed. That procurement system was BravoSolution.

With a successful track record in large, one-off, time-bound projects, like the London 2012 Olympics and the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, BravoSolution’s Sourcing capability was seen as the obvious choice.

“Crossrail is on a tight timeline, so keeping it on track and hitting targets is very important. We are under pressure to hit key milestones, while following strict compliance rules, and generate cost savings, so a consistent process is paramount. The software helps us make efficiency gains and provides us with a robust system with which to accurately track and monitor progress.”

 – Procurement Production Manager, Crossrail

Crossrail is making exceptional changes to the way people will travel and will benefit the UK economy as a whole. It has let some of the largest value contracts in UK construction history, providing a much needed boost to the industry and creating major job opportunities. BravoSolution is proud to be an intrinsic part of this major development.

Download the case study now to see how BravoSolution helped Crossrail to rapidly implement a full procurement system from start-up to complete operational delivery.

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