The Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) is the UK ministerial department responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance policy. Faced with the challenge to effect a category management change programme to deliver process efficiency and savings for the Department, DWP selected BravoSolution’s BravoAdvantage platform to support it.

As the country’s largest public service department in terms of budget and delivery, servicing more than 22 million customers, it is paramount that DWP are able to deliver the vital services every day to those who depend on them. For many years the procurement function had focused on the efficacy of the sourcing process, with less time devoted to other pivotal procurement practices such as contract and supplier relationship management.

The function historically had let many long-term contracts, some going back to the 1990s. This meant that it had not been in the marketplace for a long time, and deep category expertise in some key spend areas had been lost. As part of the commercial transformation programme, Andrew Forzani, Commercial Director at DWP, identified that a classic category management model within the function would better support the department, with the right tools in place to empower it.


“The now developed BravoAdvantage platform could provide the end-to-end procure-to-pay functionality needed to support the category management function. But the power of technology as an enabler to business transformation had not been part of the mindset of the department until now.”

– Andrew Forzani, Commercial Director, DWP

Working collaboratively with the BravoSolution team, Andrew developed the procurement system by adding a new BravoAdvantage capability every few months until the whole suite had been implemented. The beginning of the transformation project also marked a time when the department was trying to move away from a number of large legacy IT and service providers that had been providing key services. Many of these contracts were no longer delivering value for money and were acting as a barrier to the change programme.


“BravoSolution worked side by side with us,” he said, “they ran development days, and spent time with our accounts team to understand our needs. They are strong at training and understand what is possible and what is not, so are able to offer good advice. They trained several people to be our BravoAdvantage experts, who have been invaluable as our champions around the country.”

– Andrew Forzani, Commercial Director, DWP

Andrew has been driving a “root and branch” change throughout the department. Procurement has mandated the use of the BravoAdvantage suite, and this has led to consistency of approach for every procurement process, forcing compliance, governance and control. Two years down the line, Andrew has been able to fulfil the promises made in his ‘spend-to-save’ business case. In terms of savings, he has been able to report £180 million in verified cash savings delivered in the first year.

Historically, customers would come to Procurement with a preconceived view of what was needed, from whom and for how much. Often, Procurement would just accept that and run a tender. In such a vast organisation, which is rather like a multi-national with many different businesses,  Andrew wanted the function be seen as a valuable business partner, the people who look after spend, who can bring insight to the table and therefore who the business would turn to and engage with early on. They are now very much considered the pioneers of cross-government commercial transformation.


“We know about average costs, what’s going up, what’s coming down, basically what is going on, and where. The system has helped us to think differently and find new opportunities, and suddenly, we are having different conversations.”

– Andrew Forzani, Commercial Director, DWP

Download the full case study to understand how DWP are leveraging the powerful BravoAdvantage platform to identify and realise savings for the public, and position Procurement as a strategic partner within government.