The Scottish Government has made considerable progress in standardising and simplifying the tender process for suppliers and particularly SMEs, which have communicated to the government over the years that they have found the process of bidding for public sector contracts time-consuming, expensive and sometimes prohibitive.

“The government is dedicated to encouraging an improved, joined-up, more efficient procurement process for local authorities and our suppliers, and provides us with the tools to help make that happen. PCS-Tender is updated by Scottish Procurement to reflect legislative changes, therefore the council is creating tenders with up-to-date information, so it makes sense to take advantage of this and the other benefits – making it easier for suppliers to bid is one of them.”

– Diane Pirie, Chief Procurement Officer, East Renfrewshire Council

The Government’s introduction of PCS-Tender (developed, implemented and powered by BravoSolution) as a free-to-use, eSourcing solution across the country, has dramatically changed the lives of the suppliers that have opted to use it. One such supplier is Caley Construction, who has been using the PCS-Tender solution since its inception.

Caley Construction Ltd is one of the leading civil engineering firms in public realm work in Scotland. It has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry, with both public and private sector clients. It has made a name for itself in environmental improvement work, stonework and grounds maintenance, and infrastructure development projects. With projects extending across Scotland in partnership with local authorities and registered social landlords, the public sector accounts for about 70 percent of Caley’s annual turnover.

“We love the automation. The system is fool-proof: it tells you exactly what you need to attach, and by when. In an easy step-by-step process, you just click and attach your documents, at any point it informs you of your progress, highlights any questions you haven’t yet answered, and double checks everything for you. You can’t make a mistake, or miss anything out, or miss a deadline – it gives you complete peace of mind.”

– Claire Hughes, Accounts Administrator, Caley Construction

Download the full case study to see how BravoSolution is helping the Scottish Government to make it easier and fairer for more SMEs to bid for government contracts.