The Petroleum Institute is a world-class engineering University which has become a leading teaching and research centre supporting the oil and gas industry in the Middle East. Located in Abu Dhabi, it is funded by a consortium of national and international oil companies, is home to more than 2000 students and 200 faculties, and as an associate company of ADNOC Group, boasts the internationally renowned Research and Innovation Center (ADRIC), focused on developing innovative solutions for the energy sector and beyond.

Challenge: to transform a manual, time-consuming procurement process into a fully implemented, fully automated system, linked to the existing ERP solution, for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

“As you would expect,” explained by Mohammed Zakir, Senior Procurement Officer within Supply Chain Department, “the ERP integration threw up some challenges in terms of compatibility issues, particularly around supplier registration and classification. It was a mammoth task involving the upload and master data synchronization of more than 2000 suppliers, both those on the existing system and those potential, or approved ones. But BravoSolution Tejari has a good work ethic; its specialists came on site and invested time and resource to understand our needs and work with us as a team to resolve those issues and find workarounds. This close working relationship led to what was in fact a very fast and effective implementation.”

Having everything automated and centrally stored has made not just tendering, but especially any necessary retendering, much faster. Once the government sector procurement process has been followed, all activities must be documented.

With reduced cycle times, savings in efficiency and more value for money from using a wider selection of suppliers, the department has seen increased savings year on year. Where once it accounted for about 7% to 8% contribution to the business bottom line, it has now reached 19% savings from its estimated budget. And, operationally, it has grown its yearly number of RFQs substantially.

Becoming the first department in the organisation to automate its processes fully has raised the profile of the Supply Chain Department significantly within the organisation, and indeed, the reputation of the Institute within the region.

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