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Driving Value from your Sourcing Process

Sourcing sits at the heart of procurement, so in order to get the most from your procurement, you have to ensure you’re driving value from your sourcing process. Central to that is using the tools and techniques at your disposal to encourage and maintain as […]

The Universe of Modern Procurement

The procurement profession has moved on in recent years, as have many other specialist disciplines. The terms ‘strategic sourcing’ and ‘organisational alignment’ are frequently misapplied and bandied about to stay ‘on message’. A few well-chosen questions can reveal whether their usage holds […]

Putting Suppliers at the Centre of Your Organisation


Have you ever considered putting suppliers at the centre of your organisation? Given that suppliers can be excellent sources of value in terms of innovation and competitive advantage, maybe it’s time you did!

Putting Strategy into Action: A Roadmap for Procurement in 2016


As a procurement professional, defining strategies and turning them into action plans come with the territory. But all too often, translating strategy into actionable plans can get lost in translation. […]

How to Move from Good to Great: 10 Steps to Unlock the Power of Procurement

BravoSolution Guest Speaker | Mickey North Rizza, VP of Strategic Services

In recent years, procurement professionals have witnessed dramatic changes to the procurement and supplier management function. Today’s business environment demands that procurement play a more strategic role in the organisation with an […]