Delivering a project on time, on budget and meeting expectations is a great achievement. Where a change management project is concerned, it’s a stunning achievement that can have immediate effects on the wider organisation. Of course, not all projects go to plan but knowing the reasons why projects succeed can go a long way to helping ensure success.

Discover the 7 reasons why projects succeed

Each year Prosci® releases the results from its Best Practices in Change Management bench-marking survey. Drawing on the findings of the latest research, this whitepaper looks at the seven key factors for why projects succeed. It also discusses their impact on procurement transformation best practices as well as suggesting how you can utilise them to increase your project success.

Specifically, this whitepaper provides a checklist of the seven key success factors that will not only help your procurement projects succeed, but will also serve as an excellent reminder of the types of practices that you should be implementing on all of your projects.

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