Finance Organisations: Uncovering New Found Value from Strategic Procurement

As a finance executive, you are the organisation’s gatekeeper. You are strategic in all regards with a focus on overall profitability and financial performance. Equally important to you is the daily oversight of compliance requirements and mitigating risk. Managing and accomplishing these objectives requires visibility into your spend processes and your suppliers’ performance. Procurement initiatives play a critical role in contributing to the organisation’s financial goals, and one failure may put your organisation at risk financially – and adversely impact brand and reputation.

Financial organisations around the world count on BravoSolution as their procurement team’s partner of choice to enable procurement’s journey and maturity to contribute to earnings, growth and corporate social responsibility. Since 2010, BravoSolution has received outstanding recognition by Gartner as one of the most recognised leaders in the Procurement market. BravoSolution is noted as a top procurement technology vendor in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing Suites.

BravoAdvantage partners with the finance and procurement organisations providing the capabilities needed to advance from conventional procurement to strategic, where procurement will:

  • More actively measure and manage spend performance
  • Leverage spend data to proactively identify new sourcing opportunities, better manage compliance and more accurately report on savings
  • Onboard, segment and manage suppliers based on performance, risk and future development
  • Conduct simple and complex sourcing events and evaluate goods, works and services in an automated and collaborative fashion to reduce cycle times, increase transparency and deliver faster ROI
  • Unlock massive savings in critical categories by analysing sourcing scenarios to find the most advantageous approach
  • Link contract performance to supplier information for a single repository for creating, storing and tracking contracts
  • Buy and pay for goods and services in a simplified, paperless, and cost-efficient way. View everything that’s being ordered, purchased, and received, automate approval and payment processes, enforce controls, and save money

BravoSolution and BravoAdvantage strengthen finance and procurement by focusing on value creation and providing greater visibility and transparency into spend and your suppliers. The outcome is a strategic advantage, moving the organisation from a conventional procurement function to a strategic partner within the business. Strategic procurement optimises resources, including business processes, technology and talent.

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